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For many of us who have had the experience of adopting a canine friend, this is the very best way of acquiring a faithful and loving dog. Instead of encouraging puppy mills and irresponsible breeding, we are giving homes to existing, needy animals.

We are also doing ourselves a favor. By adopting an adult dog, we avoid the long periods of teething, chewing and house training. Though of course anyone who wants to adopt a puppy and enjoy these experiences can readily do so.

We also have a better chance of selecting a dog whose traits and temperment suit our wishes. We can actually meet the dog as an adult instead of guessing what he will be like when he grows up. We can experience his disposition first hand. And usually the dog can be
returned if unexpected habits make him unsuitable.

After about a dozen rescue adoptions by myself and my immediate family, I can testify that you will have a great chance of finding an extraordinarily devoted friend. In most cases, these dogs realize that you have gotten them out of a bad and  dangerous situation. They repay you with instant bonding and permanent devotion.

If you are fond of a particular breed, you can find good candidates among breed-specific rescue groups. Or you can see a wide selection of dogs at the Memphis Humane Society at Shelby Farms or at the Animal Shelter.

I highly recommend the free service of PETFINDER.COM as an aid for your search. You can specify breed, age or gender or leave any of these categories open. Fill in your own zip code, and the program will present you with the individualized results of an extended search. The results will begin locally and extend to other cities in the region. Contact information and usually a picture of each dog located will be displayed. I located Stonewall through this service and adopted him from the excellent