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September 7, 2008: A good trip to the park, but my great running buddy Duval couldn't  join me. He swallowed a bee last night and was just back from the ER. Bummer! He looked okay though and he sure wanted to run. I wonder if his restriction had anything to do with our fun last week when I found a dead fish that had washed up in the storm. Duval's just a youngster, so I showed him how to roll around on your back and come away with a really ripe smell. He was a fast learner and we had a ball--followed by an enormous bath with five rounds of suds.

September 12, 2008: Good news. Duval can romp again. We had
a huge run and a good swim. No dead fish this time, but a day
can be great without being perfect.
Sept. 22, 2008: Wow, fall is here and I’ve spent two of the last three days at the farm with a horseback ride both days. That’s two thirds of the way to heaven! Jogging in the park is nice but people are just slow. Horses are different. I get really excited when saddles and bridles are carried out. Joan and Ernest both rode with me Sunday, then Ernest had to meet the tractor repair man today, and he saddled up again. Afterwards I swam in the lake—what a great world! A bath followed, but that let me see my friends at Hollywood Feed, so that was okay too. The bath probably means that we'll call on my older friends at the nursing home tomorrow.
Sept. 23, 2008: I was right. Yesterday’s bath did mean a visit to the nursing home. They’re always so nice to me there, and I helped one of my very favorite people celebrate her 95th birthday. She told me about the horses she had when she was a girl. If we hadn’t had that bath, I could have cheered her up even more with a powerful assortment of f barnyard smells. Ernest just doesn’t seem very thoughtful about things like that. Maybe he’ll figure it out some day.
October 2, 2008: Fall is really here with good cool walks and an afternoon trip to the farm. Joan came too, and we had a great walk and a long horseback ride. I ran myself ragged and cooled down with a swim in the lake. Thank you, God for such a good world! We had a clear blue sky with hawks soaring down the wind. The fields had been plowed for winter wheat, so the tall weeds were gone and we could run free. Then we stayed out after dark while Ernest grilled steaks--wrapped in bacon, which is important because that's my part of the treat.

October 3, 2008: I've been busy lately checking out al fresco dining for dogs in Midtown. I've visited two good restaurants. Yesterday before the farm, we walked by my little Independent Bank, then we had lunch on the sidewalk tables at Fino's then home by way of the wine shop at Joe's. Today Joan came with us. After a cool trek through the Overton Park woods and through the friendly Rhodes campus, we stopped for lunch at the new Eclectic Cafe--such good people. The waitress brought me a bowl of water, and I curled up and made friends with some passers by.

October 5, 2008: A new experience: I went to a church service in the chapel at Trezevant Manor for a blessing of the animals. There were about a dozen dogs and mercifully no cats. A couple of the dogs were therapy types that I knew from doing shifts at the children's hospital. The newspaper even had an article and some photos on the pet blessings. Afterwards, we called on my friends at the nursing home and had a run at the park.
October 2, 2008: