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                                 DOG-FRIENDLY SHOPPING

 This page is dedicated to the memory of Stonewall Kelly: a great friend and a devoted therapy dog. Stonewall died on October 2, 2011, but "STONEWALL'S LIST" is maintained in his memory and in gratitude to the many businesses that welcomed him.

Memphis has a large number of good dogs and responsible owners. It also has a large number of businesses and bureaucrats that exclude dogs and dog walkers for no particular reason.

I love walking through Midtown, doing my errands on foot, and being accompanied by my dog. We have identified  friendly businesses where we can bank, buy books, wine, hardware, plants, etc. without suffering anti-dog discrimination. (Which is a pretty stupid form of discrimination when you think about it, since half of American homes have dogs. And plenty of us are fed up with being treated like second class citizens just because we are walking with a tail-wagging friend.)

We vote with our feet and our dollars to support the Memphis businesses that are sensible about dogs. Most of them are pleasant, locally-owned shops that are well worth supporting on other grounds as well.



Here is Stonewall's current list. Please e-mail us to add your favorites (or to report bad experiences.)  Or share your comments at the DOG-FRIENDLY FORUM on this site.

The list comes with two  caveats:

First, we assume that the dog is leashed, clean, friendly, and not inclined to mistake the inventory for a fireplug. Second, businesses with multiple outlets may vary their practice from store to store.

BURKE’S BOOKSTORE, 936 S. Cooper near the Cooper-Young corner. In addition to being a great Memphis tradition since 1875,  it’s a charming family-owned store with a good inventory of old and historic books. They can quickly order new books and CDs, if they do not have them on the shelf. http://burkesbooks.com/ or 278-7484
THE EPISCOPAL BOOKSHOP, 672 Poplar at the west side of the St. Mary's parking lot. A pleasant nook with religious books and gifts.    527-5684
JOE’S WINES AND LIQUOR 1681 Poplar at Belvedere (the one with the Sputnik sign) is tied with Burke’s for my most dog-friendly award. A number of dogs come in there; they heartily welcome Stonewall and usually stock dog biscuits.  725-4252
BUSTER'S LIQUORS & WINES, the large store at Highland and Poplar is also very welcoming to dogs and  their humans. 458-0929

THE INDEPENDENT BANK at 1711 Union across from Idlewild Church, 844-2050, is where Stonewall and I do our banking. I recommend introducing your dog when you open your account. After years of dog-friendly banking at NBC, I ran into arbitrary exclusion when it became Suntrust, and I moved my accounts the next day
COMMERCIAL BANK & TRUST at 2000 Union Avenue. Abby was admired by the friendly staff and given a dog biscuit. 272-7300
ORION, the former Memphis Teachers' Credit Union, is reported to be dog-friendly.
The AVERY DOG PARK, operated by the City of Memphis is located on Avery east of Hollywood and just behind the park Commission building. This is an ideal place to let your dog run in a large fenced area and romp off leash with other dogs. There are separate fenced areas for large and small dogs.
OVERTON PARK is an ideal spot for running or walking with your dog. Dog lovers routinely gather at the Greensward and Rainbow Lake as well as using the Forest Loop and the footpaths through the Old Forest. The charming GOLF COTTAGE welcomes dogs, sells refreshments, and furnishes seats on the terrace to dog walkers and other non-golfers. 
"OVERTON BARK" a gift of Hollywood Feeds, is now open for fun and recreation. It nestles attractively against Lick creek and the Old Forest a block east of the College of Art. Its shade makes it an oasis in summer.
SHELBY FARMS woods has a large area where well-controlled dogs can run off leash. It has areas of woods and we understand is not fully fenced in all directions.

FINO’S FROM THE HILL, in the Gilmore Apartment Building at Madison and McLean is a wonderful Italian restaurant and deli. It has some tables on the sidewalk, and the people there are very fond of dogs. From a culinary and  shopping standpoint, it is one of the gems of Midtown—you can feed a family on excecllent entrees, salad and dessert for a modest price.  272-3466
CAFE SOCIETY: an outstanding restaurant at 212 North Evergreen. Dogs are welcome in the sidewalk enclosure, but there is no gate so they must go through or be lifted over the railing. Think about it before bringing your Saint Bernard. 272-2178
 STONE SOUP: in the Cooper-Young area has a large outdoor patio where Abby was welcomed and served a bowl of water. We had superb country ham. A fine place for brunch after shopping at the dog-friendly Saturday market just across Cooper.
CAFE ECLECTIC,  603 N. McLean at Faxon is a welcome addition to the scene west of Rhodes College and Overton Park. It has a great breakfast and a fine selection of light meals coffees and sandwiches. The fenced sidewalk area  welcomes dogs. 725-1718
TSUNAMI, One of Cooper-Young's fine restaurants, welcomes dogs to its sidewalk tables. 928 S. Cooper. 274-2556
OTHERLANDS: a funky Cooper-Young establishment that admits dogs to its rear deck. 641 S. Cooper, 278-4994.
THE MAJESTIC GRILLE, downtown at 145 South Main, welcomes dogs on its patio. Try them when the Red Birds have a dog-friendly game.
MISS CORDELIA's: at Harbortown on Mud Island welcomes dogs on its deck. All of Harbortown seems to have an old world acceptance of dogs, in pleasant contrast to trends elsewhere.
GATE CITY HARDWARE AND PAINT at 2500 Summer is dog-friendly and a very helpful place with repair questions. They are at the top of my hardware store list on all counts, friendly and ready with helpful advice on projects. On our recent trips, they have provided dog biscuits. 450-3050
HOME DEPOT's midtown location on Poplar has been consistently friendly for years. Abby and I go there often. However the Germantown Road store is doubtful. Stonewall was excluded for no reason by a "risk manager,"  and another empoyee weirdly announced that "federal law" prohibits dogs in stores. We also had an unsatisfactory experience at the East Memphis LOWES.
In my experience almost all nurseries welcome dogs, including DAN WEST at 4763 Poplar, and the various STRINGER'S locations. 
The MIDTOWN NURSERY, at the corner of Madison and McLean is very friendly to dogs and people.
OUTDOORS, INC. at 1710 Union is very dog-friendly and an excellent place for outdoor equipment and clothing. 722-8988,www.outdoorsinc.com
BREAKAWAY ATHLETICS now moved to 1997 Union is a center for athletic shoes and running gear. 722-8797 www.breakawaymemphis.com
ALL ABOUT BIKES, an excellent source for new bicycles, equipment and repairs is very welcoming to pets. 621 S. Mendenhall (just north of Poplar) 767-6240
MUSE INSPIRED FASHION, 517 South Main. Get your dog's opinion when you shop for fine clothing. 526-8738
OLD NAVY their store in the Poplar Plaza was very welcoming. A customer who admired Abby showed us a photo of his own dog.
Some stores like Steinmart claim to allow dogs as long as they are carried in your arms. This is a deal breaker for those of us with labs, shepherds, dobies, etc. It could get interesting even for the owners of small dogs if they plan to try on clothes.

THE COOPER-YOUNG FARMERS' MARKET on Saturdays in the parking lot of the First Congregational Church is very welcoming and has a splendid array of vendors. These include an outstanding bakery and Renaissance Farms, which provides a delicious variety of local meats and sausages.
THE MADISON PHARMACY at 1750 Madison is just inside the front door of the small medical building on the corner of Madison and Auburndale. Unlike Walgreens and the larger chains, it accepts well-behaved dogs. 274-4334.
THE PEOPLE'S PHARMACY on Brookhaven Circle just off Poplar in East Memphis is dog-friendly. They carry both human and veterinary medicenes.
The ARLINGTON FARMERS’ MARKET  adjacent to the historic S. Y. WILSON GENERAL STORE admits them. 867-2226. Memphis’ downtown farmers’ market excludes dogs, but a free dog-sitting tent is available. The Agricenter Farmers Market used to admit dogs but now excludes them for no obvious reason.
THE OFFICE DEPOT in East Memphis is another of Abby's recent discoveries. She was welcomed by the staff, and approached by two small girls who asked if they could pet her. She traded pets for doggie kisses in the check out line.
DALE and BRIN BAUCUM, two of the city's most outstanding potters, are also outstandingly dog-friendly. Their beautiful work can be seen in the studio behind their midtown home. 276-3160 or view the website at http://www.baucumpottery.com/ 
THE ART CENTER SUPPLY STORE at 1636 Union, 274-0952 is a very dog friendly venue for art supplies and for framing.
MARTIN MUSIC, next door to Joe's at 1659 Poplar, welcomes you and your dog when you shop for musical instruments and supplies. 729-2466
AUTO ZONE I can't speak for the chain as a whole and would welcome your input, but I can say first hand that the Arlington store is now under a dog-welcoming manager. Abby and I were warmly welcomed there very recently--a couple of years after Stonewall was rudely and needlessly ejected by a previous manager. 11701 Highway 70, 867-5393
JAMES AVERY JEWELRY in North Saddle Creek Mall, Germantown is a dog-friendly store with a dog loving staff. 7509 Poplar, 753-4264.
 IVY'S ANTIQUES & INTERIORS is a friendly and well-stocked antique store at 1266 Central, right across from the Central Barbecue. The area has a number of antique stores. 276-9912
TOMMY BRONSON'S SPORTING GOODS in the Poplar Plaza is a dog-friendly mecca for fly fishermen and hunters.
TRACTOR SUPPLY STORES, SPORTSMAN'S WAREHOUSE, and BASS PRO are all dog-friendly. (P.S. We have now been to Bass Pro and they exceeded expectations. Stonewall was warmly welcomed, and we were asked for information about the therapy dog program. We hope the Pyramid deal flourishes and that they keep the same attitude.)
HOLLYWOOD FEED, 2648 Broad, is our favorite of many fine pet shops. They are super friendly to dogs and furnish related services such as a bath parlor and Saturday lessons by trainer, Sam Jones. 452-2474
Pet stores generally including PETCO and PET SMART stores can be relied on to be dog-friendly. 
SADDLES N' SUCH, 2135 S. Germantown Road, deals in tack and horse equipment but welcomes canine visitors. 754-7452 
An increasing number of hotels and motels welcome pets. This includes a number from all parts of Memphis. HERE IS A LINK that gives information for Memphis and links to other cities.

Most facilities are figuring out that a canine presence for the elderly is emotionally and medically beneficial. There is documented evidence of lowered blood pressure and low anxiety levels, as well as just pleasure for the elderly, when good dogs visit. If you are interested, have a look at our page on therapy dogs.
WESLEY HIGHLAND PLACE allows visiting dogs. It is a pleasant small facility that does not go in for a lot of unnecessary rules and has admitted mannered pets without the need for certification. 325-7828
TREZEVANT MANOR and the ALLEN MORGAN NURSING HOME at 177 North Highland are undergoing an expansion and becoming much more welcoming to dogs. Stonewall and I make frequent visits at the nursing home and he very popular there. Other therapy dogs may call, and residents can have visits from their personal dogs. 325-4000
THE PARKVIEW,  at 1914 Poplar, beautifully situated at the southwest corner of Overton Park, permits residents to own dogs as well as enjoy canine visitors, 725-4606  
ROSE TERRACE, an assisted living facility in East Memphis near St. Francis Hospital, admits therapy dogs and has hosted a dog fashion show for residents. 6075 Primacy Parkway, 683-1800